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Announcing new publication via da大 in print – Soushi Tanaka : Post [EE] Edition of 16 A bi-product of exhibition Composition Systems and Variables (09.10-09.17.2019, Shanghai @soushi_tanaka ), Soushi Tanaka : Post [Experimental Edition] derives from the alternate logic generated over 8 days. The primary logic, manifested as a complete year of Post, exists as a completely white object, only revealing itself when opened. Content is modularized, sections overlapping each other at various sizes. Lines appear; gaps between one island to the next. This negative space which crisscrosses the primary logic has been used for inserting new content, pulled directly from the exhibition. Co-existing with the main work, a wall of alternative logic was generated comprising of images and material pulled from Post as a project and reintroduced into a completely new context. This material was then again pulled out and placed into the book, each of the 16 copies produced differ in both image and composition. Further info – Soushi Tanaka : Post [EE]是展览Composition Systems and Variables所生产出的副产品(09.10-17.2019,上海)。展览在8天内一直产生着带有其他可能的变量数据。最初的书籍的构成基础为一个完整的一年——作为一个完全白色的对象存在着,只有在书籍被打开时信息才会显露出来。内容也是模块化的,不同大小的模块相互重叠着。只留下线条;和一个岛到另一个岛之间的间隙。这一负空间的纵横交错的主要逻辑被用来收录来自展览的新内容。 与主要作品共存,产生了一堵由图片和材料而组成的变量逻辑墙壁,这些图片和材料从项目Post被采集出来,重新引入到一个全新的语境中。然后,这些材料在展览结束时被再次取出并放入书籍中,16本书中的每一本在图像和构图上都有所不同。 更多信息 – #soushitanaka #dainprint #oristudio

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